Remodeling Information

What NOT to do when thinking of remodeling your home!



Don’t assume you know how to do every home remodeling project:

Every DIY remodeling project isn’t considered equal. Before you decide which project to begin first at your home, determine what skill set and experience you have to execute your project. Many home projects will involve more expertise than others. While you may think all you need to do to replace a lighting fixture is detach the current fixture – you may forget that turning off the electricity to that circuit and other necessary requirements are necessary.

Don’t request the help of friends and family if they aren’t experienced:

In order to save money many homeowners think of hiring or asking their friends and family to help. This can lead to costly mistakes, injury, and damage to your home. While friends and family that are eager to help is a wonderful thing, only let experienced family and friends assist with your home renovation. Magic Stone has performed many estimates/projects for homeowners that have started a project only to find out their end result was not quite what they were hoping for; or worse actually damaged more in the process.

Never assume your budget won’t go over the estimation:

While you may have done your homework on how much your materials, labor, and miscellaneous remodeling components will cost, there always should be a budget for going over budget. Many remodeling projects will involve unforeseen circumstances that will not be conveyed until the project starts. Your not alone if this has happened to you; many homeowners call us to say they’ve started a project that they can handle themselves put didn’t realize there would be brick,block or stone behind a wall they tried to knock down, or have happened to of found hidden remnants of a chimney. Estimates are usually free from most experienced companies if you find yourself in a situation your unsure of call the professional you feel it is most likely referenced too.

Don’t start your remodeling project until you have all of the components

Before you start getting the saws out or tearing into your bathroom wall, ensure you have all the components before hand.  If you are ordering appliances, materials, or other deliverable items – wait until they are delivered before starting your project. While you may be anxious to get started, often times delivery dates get confused or delayed for reasons beyond a companies control and your bathroom could be inoperable for days waiting for things to be delivered! Wait until all of the renovating items are in your possession.

Don’t disregard your safety

We know this sounds pretty self-explanatory, but far too often homeowners find themselves in an emergency room after attempting a home remodel. Make sure you know how to use your power tools before you attempt to use them. It is also important to make sure you have proper gloves and protective eye-wear for all of your home remodeling projects. If you are working on high areas you need to ensure you have the proper scaffolding, ladders, and fall-protection materials in the home. Ensuring your safety and the safety of others around you is a very important step that you do not want to skip.