Foundation Repair

Magic Stone Foundation Repair is a locally owned, full service, company in business for years. With this experience, our company knows the common foundational issues associated with the type of soil in different parts of Western New York. Whether it is the fault of the builder or just natural shifting of the ground, foundation problems, without repair, can ruin your home. As one of the most reputable and sought-after experts in the foundation repair business since the early nineties, Magic Stone is the smartest choice for your foundation needs. Magic Stone believes that the customer deserves top quality repair, regardless of how long it takes, at a price that is affordable.

Foundation Repair Techniques:

  • Pressed-Piling Pier
  • Double-Eight Drilled Pier
  • Interior Pier
  • Helical Pier
  • Mud Jacking
  • Drill Bell Bottom Pier
  • Steel Pier

Upon consultation with one of our foundation repair specialists, Magic Stone will determine the proper procedure to follow for the stabilization of your home. This will include both the type of pier and the pier placement that we feel would be best suited for that particular structure.