Brick Block Stone

Brick, Block and Stone Installation & Repair

Magic Stone provides a wide selection of services for both indoor and outdoor areas in your home or business. We cover Western New York and the surrounding areas. The following services briefly describe the many components that encompass the work we’ve done in the Western New York and surrounding areas.
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  • Brickwork The quality of brickwork done by Magic Stone is second to none and can be instantly noticed in the overall structure right down to the smallest detail; a quality that will be appreciated for years to come. Our brickwork includes tuck-pointing techniques, using mortar with bonding agent in the laying of bricks.
  • Rock Walls & Rock Work By combining a variety of tools, high quality craftsmanship and imaginative designs, Magic Stone has always produced customized garden hardscapes with an emphasis on simple and natural elements, highlighted by beautiful year-round, minimal maintenance plantings.
  • Entryways & Paths
    Our masons have many years of experience using natural stone in entryways, pathways and driveways. These elements convey a sense of invitation and guidance while simultaneously allowing you and your guests to feel welcome and delighted. Our work is carefully planned and designed to ensure that your path is in harmony with all other aspect of your landscape.
  • Steps Magic Stone have designed customized steps and stairs to compliment your architectural design by providing a smooth blend between structure and landscape. Whatever your repair needs may entail, the masons and carpenters at Magic Stone can satisfy all your requests including but not limited to installation and repair of walkways, patios, driveways, and floors, etc…
  • Fireplace & Chimneys Magic Stone also specializes in high quality construction, restoration and repair of fireplaces and chimneys. Utilizing your home’s current structure and design to enhance aesthetic value, and most importantly, improved structural integrity for a safer environment. We can design, inspect, and construct new masonry systems while ensuring the finished result compliments your home and surroundings. We can also design and build Brick or Stone Fireplaces. Repairing, matching and fixing of loose or missing bricks, stone or blocks in your fireplace or chimney are also part of our specialty. Furthermore, Magic Stone has the expertise to install stove insert, provide installation for zero-clearance fireplace (pre-fabricated), and complete gas insert as well as gas log setups.
  • Patios Patio design and construction are where Magic Stone exceeds most of our customer’s expectations. Whether the desired effect is elegant or simple, the finished result is sure to become the ideal space for spending time outdoors. Magic Stone will also install and build forms, pour concrete, “finish flat” concrete to repair your walks, patios, driveways or floors.